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Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you still can't find your answer, please contact us at support@kafiloe.com.

> How do I track my order?

After placing an order, we'll send a confirmation email to your email. You can contact us anytime through our customer service email to check the status of your order. The shipping information will be updated and sent to you once the package arrives at your local airport (due to system reasons, shipping information is not updated to you immediately during the time between shipping and arrival at your local airport).

> What are the shipping time and cost?

3-5 days Order Processing time + 7-15 days shipping time. We offer free shipping and paid express shipping. You can find more details about the time and cost here: Shipping Policy

> What if I receive a product with obvious quality issues?

If the product has obvious quality issues, we will fully refund without return.Simply send an email to support@kafiloe.com with the order number and images of the problematic product. We will process the refund after receiving the email.

> What if I receive a product with wrong size?

If it's due to your mistake in choosing the wrong size, you can choose to resend a new size or choose partial refund without return, or choose to return.

> I want to return or exchange the item.

Please email support@kafiloe.com with your order number and reason for return/exchange along with relevant materials. We'll send you the address of the nearest warehouse and initiate the return/exchange process. Note that we have a global sales network and packages are usually shipped internationally, so sending the product back to us may result in a significant amount of time and shipping cost (even higher than the order cost), in this case, for exchange requests we usually provide a one-time free reshipment (but you need to bear a small shipping fee to avoid malicious returns), for return requests we'll review the reason for return and proceed with either partial refund or full refund.

> I haven't received a reply from customer service after I contacted them via email.

Our typical email (support@kafiloe.com ) response time is 24 hours, which may be extended on weekends and holidays. If you haven't received a timely response, please send email to our another email: business@kafiloe.com. If you still haven't received a response, you can provide feedback to our administrators based on the auto-reply email. 

> The delivery time exceeds the limit stated in the shipping policy.

If customer service doesn't handle it or the delivery is overdue (excluding unavoidable circumstances such as weather), a full refund will be issued without the need to return the product.

> My order hasn't been shipped after a month and I haven't been contacted.

Please email support@kafiloe.com with your order number, and we'll process a full refund and continue fulfilling the order for free.