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عارضة قماش طباعة مسطحة نصف زلة

عارضة قماش طباعة مسطحة نصف زلة

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المادة العلوية: PVC
نمط: عادي
الخامة الداخلية: جلد
النمط: ترفيه
شكل الكعب: كعب مسطح
ارتفاع الكعب: كعب متوسط (3-5 سم)
اللون: كاكي ، رمادي ، ليوبارد ، بقرة
الأحجام: 35 ، 36 ، 37 ، 38 ، 39 ، 40 ، 41 ، 42 ، 43

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Material Introduction

  • Cotton:

Description: Cotton is a natural fiber known for its breathability and comfort.
Benefits: Soft on the skin, absorbs moisture, and suitable for all seasons.

  • Viscose:

Description: Viscose, or rayon, is a semi-synthetic fiber with a smooth and silky feel.
Benefits: Drapes well, lightweight, and offers a luxurious touch.

  • Satin:

Description: Satin is a weave characterized by a glossy surface and a dull back.
Benefits: Smooth and lustrous, often used for a glamorous and elegant look.

  • Milk Silk:

Description: Milk silk is a blend of milk protein fiber and spandex, creating a soft and silky fabric.
Benefits: Breathable, smooth, and known for its comfort, with a touch of stretch for flexibility.

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